Saturday, April 29, 2006

I hope I'm back now....

I doubt anyone is reading this anymore, I've been so negligent in keeping up with it. I will give the short version of my busy life lately...
Last I posted, Alex was going to Vladivostok to visit with Anastasia he did do that and had a good visit with her. Unfortunately, we also learned at that time that it would be a year before we could even start the process with her. We would have to wait for the trial to be ended to have the father's rights terminated, then a six month wait before she goes on the database and then another six month wait to give the Russians a chance to adopt her - then we can try.

I'm afraid that this sent me into a depression - it just hit me really hard. I think it was exaccerbated because it was the first Christmas that my mom couldn't make it here to be with us. She came for a visit at the beginning of Dec. but still, it wasn't the same.

After that, it was just really hard to post. On Jan 2nd, Robert broke his leg. He was in the hospital a week, followed by crutches for 2 months! I was a maniac driving him around and I was just so exhausted all the time. Then, my mom got medivac-ed to Vienna from her post in Tripoli. She was having severe shoulder problems and ended up in emergency surgery. She was here for 2 months and in and out of the hospital much of the time. This also overlapped with Robert's cast, and his doctors appointments. It was great to have her here though. Now, she is back safe and sound (hah!) in Tripoli.

Anyway, at the end of all that, I asked the Bishop to release me from my calling as Primary President (in charge of the children's sunday school program) so that I can start getting ready for our big move in July. Whew. As I said, I've been busy. Of course, interspersed in there were lots of winter illnesses with the three boys. I believe that for about 5 or 6 weeks one of them was home from school everyday. There was a point where two of them were home together.

So, life is back to normal now, I can finally start concentrating on getting my house in order and ready to come back to the States. We were all excited about it and then Robert came home from work last night with the news--the State Department is sending us to Frankfurt (Germany - not Kentucky!) instead of back to the States. We are okay with it. We really feel like if we are living right that we will end up in the place we are supposed to be. It will also help us and put off having to buy a house for another 2 years. That is a good thing because the prices in VA are outrageous right now!

The Chinese adoption is progressing -- I guess. When we started this process we were told it would take about 6 months from the time we submitted our paperwork. Of course, that has now changed to 10-12 months. We are hoping to get her in Sept or Oct ??? Hopefully!

The other big news is that we've decided to homeschool next year. There are a thousand reasons for this, but I think my children need a chance to bond and meld together as a family. Especially since the boys are so much older than their sister. This will give us a chance to be home all together and work together - much as I think the early Americans lived. I am nervous about it but also excited. Next year Alexander will be in 7th grade, Max and Dima will be in 4th grade, but I am thinking about doing 3rd grade again for Max - he just had such a hard time this year. However, he is now starting to read and that is making a huge difference. Both boys speak pretty much without an accent. It is truly a miracle.

The name debate for the baby still goes on around here, the top choices currently are:
Edith (my grandma)
Judy Rose
We pretty much love all these names but feel so strongly that we are getting this child the same way we got our other ones - through God's grace. We are constantly stunned by the blessings He has given us. We should spend so much more time each day on our knees in gratitude. We also feel this new job assignment is another of God's miracles for us.

As excited as we were to come home, there were a few things that have really been stressing us out. Like, how to spend another glop of money on the Chinese adoption, get Anastasia's adoption restarted, buy a house (yikes!) which will accomodate, gulp, 5 children! And we were also very stressed about our home leave. We are planning a 6 week road trip across the U.S - so we can visit all of our family all over the place and show our children the beauty of our great country in which they have spent so little time. Anyway, the stressful part of this was our two dogs - I always worry about them. Our plan was to drag them along on the trip, but it is so hot in the summer time and we wouldn't be able to leave them in the car much etc etc. Anyway, this is now solved. We have a wonderful, wonderful lady here who watches them from time to time. We can just leave them here and then leave our car here, fly back to Vienna, and then drive them to Frankfurt. This is such a huge relief for me. How beautiful that our prayers have been answered and in ways we didn't even imagine. That shows what we know!

Well, that is the nutshell of the last few months. I will try to be better about posting again.