Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Game

We did it. We went to the game and the Jazz won. Yippee. It was a bit hard on me and I have elephant legs today (they really do swell up), but it was lots of fun. Sometimes, you gotta have fun!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Test Updates for January 08

We got the test results back and things are looking pretty good. None of the tumors are measuring any larger and the tumors in the liver, stomach, lungs and in the lymph nodes next to my pancrease are either the same size or a tiny bit smaller so that is good. For some reason it is hard for them to measure the tumors in the bones but they seem to be the same size which is good.

The bad news is that my hands and feet are getting worse and worse numbness and cold. Typing is quite difficult as I can't feel and the steriods they give me which are anti-nauseantes blur my vision so I can't see well either. Sigh. Don't mean to complain, but the doctors decided that the numbness is actually quite serious and could lead to a permanent crippled condition and that I needed to get off that chemo right away. It is very unfortunate too because that was the best stuff and the newest too. Avastin and Taxil/Paclitaxil. That was the way to go and I might get back on it again after a while of letting the side effects go. Now I'm on another one called Gemzar (which I believe was also one of the bad guys on Star Trek - wasn't it). Anyway they chose this one because it should aleve the numbness after a few weeks and it can also be used with the miraculous Avastin which I was on before so that is something to look forward to.

Anyway, my vision seems to be getting better though the numbness isn't clearing up yet, but we were told to expect a 3 week or so wait for that. The worst side effects so far with this new stuff is neausea which we have just got new tablets for and also terrible swelling in my legs. It is so bad I can hardly move right now and have to keep my feet elevated often throughout the day. My legs swell terribly - even so one leg looks like two and I have no ankle and my feet look like a cave person's purple swollen stumps. Yuk. I do not, in the least, exaggerate. Anyway, that is the situation as of now and tonight is the big night. I got Robert tickets to the Wizards/Jazz game tonight. It is something we've always wanted to do but just never could afford, so in my insane credit card/Christmas spree, I decided to go ahead and make a few dreams come true. I hope I'm up to it and can really enjoy it without complaining. It cost a fortune, but I wanted to do it before I deteriorate anymore!

Seriously, I'm feeling much better than last week and have good hope for next week. The good thing about this new chemo is that I'll be 2 weeks on and one week off. That is a good thing, to have that break, but I don't know how it is going to work out with my mom having to take a week off every two weeks to watch the boys. Ah, well, it will all work out somehow.

Hope everyone reading this is in good health and enjoying their lives to the fullest. Don't let a day go by...don't miss a kiss or a hug..and don't pass by a smile! Sorry for all the typos!

PETS - Do you let your dog.....

Sit on the furniture? Sometimes I regret having established this bad habit with my dogs, I get hairy and my company gets hairy too. But, how I love it when Shasta cuddles up with me on the sofa or lies down next to Rosie when she is napping on the couch. Oh well. I know lots of dog people who show up at church wearing dark colors and you would never suspect they have dogs - I don't know how they do it because I've seen their critters on the couch too. Anyway, doesn't Shasta look comfy here? She actually color coordinates quite well too!